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“All of us are stewards of the earth and Two Bars Seven Guest Ranch is no exception. . .”

Step back in time and join us in an incredibly scenic 3,000 acre historic working ranch that sits adjacent to National Forest land that includes a wide expanse on the border regions of both Wyoming and Colorado.

We are a 4th generation working ranch that welcomes you into our family.  Be a part as little or as much as you like. Ride with us or stroll the day away with your binoculars…it is your retreat!!!

The Two Bars Seven Guest Ranch began as “Schaffer’s Woodlawn Ranch ” in 1913  with love and ambitions of an earlier generation in our family. Today we are continuing that ambition and dream.  A little more than 2 hours drive north of Denver, the Ranch has some of the most beautiful riding trails and land. Here is where deer, elk and even coyotes can be spotted along an endless ridge where the sky kisses the horizon. We welcome you to our secret paradise to experience the tradition and legacy of a family whose ties to the West are generational. Rest, read, paint or just behold living that will make you pause. See how the cycle of life abounds, baby calves or a foal bonds with their mother. You can even watch the hay growing in the meadow.

horses with riders in mountain hay meadow

The Lawrence clan from Nashville TN and Albuquerque NM have been coming to the ranch since 1956.

Red tail hawks circle in the endless sky at day here as myriad of stars appear in the night sky so close you could touch them. The trails will take you to pristine riparian areas as overlooks will make you feel like you are at the top of the world. Two Bars Seven Guest Ranch has been a destination for birders, naturalists and sky-watchers alike, especially for those who believe deeply in land stewardship. To date 56 different bird species have been counted and recorded on the Ranch.

Still water fishing, hayrides, campfire cookouts and horse training sessions can also be part of your experience here. If you are a mountain biker or a hiker you will feel like you have the trails to yourself where creek valley rest stops make for a wonderful snack stop, a place for a backpack lunch or a snooze in the grass.

A trip to Laramie, Wyoming to our north will show you museums, quaint coffee shops and cafes. Both Fort Collins, Colorado to the south, and Laramie to the north host local rodeos and ranch sport competitions. Scenic day trips can be taken: drive the beautiful snowy mountain range northwest of the ranch or tour the local ranching history close by that includes the setting for the book “The Meadow” by James Galvan. Polly our Ranch matriarch will share her first-hand accounts of the real-life characters in the book.

Connect to something greater than yourself. We want you to experience this incredible place and love it as much as we do. Open spaces, big sky and clean air are only part of what you can get here.

We’ve also set our visitors fees at reasonable and fair rates to help make it more affordable for you, especially compared to other ranches that aren’t ‘really’ working ranches. Because of this Two Bars Seven Guest Ranch stands out proudly with its own authentic western culture and simplified charm. Let us host your weddings, small conferences, seminars, family reunions or personal retreats. For those of you you who have special dietary needs, including food allergies and/or gluten intolerance, we’ve got you covered. Special dietary offerings are available during your stay with us.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us.